Regional Grades

We had worked really hard befre the grades. It paid off. The results were excellent.

Grade 6   Maddie, Madeline,Poisin, Freya all distinctions  Sage very good commendation

Grade 5  Alice   Distinction

Grade 4  Evie, Ava   Distinction

Grade 3  Natalie   Distinction  Esme  very close commendation

Special mentions   

Natalie - 1st - grade 3  31 gymnasts

Evie - 4th - grade 4   48 gymnsts

Madeline - 7th - grade 6  61 gymnasts

National Grade 2


Gabby - Grade 2

Gabby worked really hard for this grade. She had an injury a week before the competition but she still passed with a commendation. Really well deserved

National Grade 3


Layla - Grade 3

Layla had a really good competition. She didn't make any mistakes. She passed with very good distinction. She finished 9th out of 33