West Country League Match

A and B League

Both our league teams for this year are young and inexperienced. The girls worked hard between the Grades and the league to change their routines.

The A team was: Evie,Ava, Alice, Maddie, Madeline ad Roisin. Only Evie Alice and Ava had competed in the league before. The other three were new. They were 4th out of 5 which was a good start because we were expecting them to be 5th. Well done girls.

The B team was Gabby, Layla, Esme and Natalie. Esme and Natalie were in the A team last year so B team routines were new to them. We only have 4 in the team so all their scores counted.They worked hard and were 3rd. 


A League

Alice 10th overall, 3rd Beam

Evie 2nd Vault

B League

Gabby 3rd overall