The Spark

Bristol School of Gymnastics Competition is cancelled for now

The Spark is a competition designed for young gymnasts who haven't competed before or only in low level competition.

There are three sections: Vault Floor and Range and Conditioning.

All the competitors win a medal. Which colour depends on the score they achieve.

We keep the entry small so the atmosphere is calm. The judges are specially selected. They understand that all the girls should have a good experience. We don't want to scare them off.

The competition is held at Bath University Sport's Village. It is an amazing venue and you never know which famous athlete you might see.

Our competition this year was sponsored by BERNIE COFFIN PHOTGRAPHY. He took some amazing photos which the parents could order.


Below are the 2020 rules for this competition. 

We have rescheduled this year’s competition to 1st November 2020