workout wednesday


How are you doing ? Have you done your school work ?

Workout Wednesday

The Competition Squad and the coaches are going to try to post a work out each week for you to learn. Some of them are easy ,others are more difficult. Try and do them well with good technique.

Today's Workout

We are now videoing this from various places around our houses.  We have opened a face book page so you can post your home gym sessions. Let us see how well you are doing. See link below. Make sure you ask your parents before you join

Wednesday 26th May

                            England Squad Warm Up

This is a warm up Vicky learnt at England Squad. It was from Hannah Whelan. (Find out who this is). It is a really nice warm up but quite difficlt so we are going to learn it in two bits. Make sure you have some room.

Wednesday 20th May

                                    Jenai's Workout

This weeks Workout is from Jenai. This one is maybe for your Mum to join in with. It's hard work so learn it a bit at a time. 

Wednesday 13th May

                                    ACE FITNESS

I'm please to see Dads getting involved. This week is for you. You will need a pack of cards. Shuffle and deal everyone 10 cards. Every time you do this you will end up with a different workout. Written instructions below. Best done to a loud CD of Status Quo.


Leg swings (wav)


01 Try Everything (m4a)


ace fitness (pdf)


Wednesday 6th May

We are going to work on your splits. Start with a warm up  exercise like we did in week 1- 25th March. Then the work out we learnt on the 1st April. Leg swing. It will warm you and your legs. You will need a block for these exercises. I give you a few ideas at the beginning of the video. These exercises need to be done every day to make a difference.

Show us your splits on our face book page.

Wednesday 29th April

This is a good workout to do as a warmup before you start the more difficult ones. You can do this on the spot or round the garden. 

Music is ELO "Hold on tight to your dreams" We hope you are doing that !!!!!!!!

A few tasks for you to have a go at.

My daughter Jess has found you some very difficult tasks. They both need a big space away from corners and concrete. Pick your music and go for it. Handstand or headstand or both.

Wednesday 22nd April

You will need your box to step up onto. If you don't have one folllow Esme .She is in the middle frame. Again the music isn't great so download it from below." Try Everything"

wednesday 16th April

This is a nice gentle work out for your legs and feet. You must work hard to piont your toes and keep your legs really straight

wednesday 8th April

This video is from Kate and Georgia. Kate will tell you what to do. It's harder than it looks -  BEWARE

wednesday 1st april

 Today's work out is for your legs. It's not difficult so make sure you do it with straight legs and nice arms. This needs a big space so you don't hit anything when you swing your legs. The music quality isn't very good. You can download it from just below this week's video. I hope this helps. Sorry you have Vicky and me in here too. We will work out how to get rid of us by next week 

wednesday 25th march

 You will need a block to step up onto for this workout. Suggestions: the small black recycling box (make sure it's clean), your little brother or sisters' step stool. (make sure they don't need it). If your  Mum or Dad is at home maybe they could make you one. There has got to be something in the shed.